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Lanfossi is TAX FREE POINT -22% discount on payment for non-resident customers. Click Here

Tax Free Point

How does Stamp work?

Ev oil purchases at home without VAT (22%) at customs.

How much you save:

You pay for items without VAT (22%-off) directly in store. You never pay VAT, so you don't need to request a VAT refund from Tax Refund on your purchases.

Information requested:

  • Phone number or WeChat account

  • Passport or identity card data (only for Swiss and Italians)

  • Credit, debit or prepaid card details to guarantee VAT

    VAT Guarantee:

    Stamp pre- authorizes VAT on your card as collateral. VAT is not charged - the money remains in your account. You may receive a communication from the bank regarding the pre-authorization request. The pre-authorization is canceled as soon as the invoice is approved at customs.

    EU customs validation:

    Before leaving the EU, you must go to the official EU customs to have your invoice validated:

  • Invoice Approved Stamp notifies you as soon as your invoice is approved e

    cancel the pre-authorization on your card.

  • Rejected invoice – Stamp notifies you of the failed validation and charges you the VAT

    on paper.

    Price of the service:

  • Free up to €500 of cumulative spending with Stamp in participating stores

  • €9.99 from €500 - 5,000 cumulative spending with Stamp in participating stores

  • €19.99 over € 5,000 of cumulative spending with Stamp in participating stores. Starting from the first purchase, every 3 months your spending with Stamp is reset to zero.

Why do I need to provide my phone number or WeChat account?

Your phone number or WeChat account becomes your Stamp ID. Your passport and card information are associated with your Stamp ID, so the next time you shop with Stamp, you won't have to provide this information again.

Why do I have to give my passport details?

By law, to benefit from tax free you must be a non-EU resident and provide your passport data.

Why do I have to give credit, debit or prepaid card details?

A card is saved and pre-authorized to secure VAT because you need to obtain customs validation after leaving the EU to complete the tax free process. Only in this way do you save the entire amount of VAT in store and avoid refund queues. Depending on the type of card and bank, pre-authorization may result in the VAT amount being blocked until the invoice is validated.

How do I obtain customs validation?

To complete the tax free process, you must go to an official EU customs office before leaving the EU to obtain customs validation of the invoice within 90 days of its issue. Purchased items must be unused and ready for customs inspection. With Stamp, you DO NOT have to go to private tax refund offices.

  • Italian & Austrian customs: go to the official customs office with your digital or paper invoice to obtain validation.

  • Other EU customs: Go to the official customs office with your paper invoice, then send us a photo of the approved invoice to one of the contacts below.

    How do I pay for Stamp's service?

    Stamp charges its fee to the card given as a VAT guarantee after you obtain customs validation.

    Do you need help?

    WeChat Service Account: Stamp
    Facebook: getstamp
    Live Chat on our website or in our App:

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